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Sunday 09 October

Javier Girotto Legacy




Triennale Milano Teatro
Viale E. Alemagna 6

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Putting his old scores in order, Javier Girotto has rediscovered music written more than a decade ago and still unpublished: music that is muscular and energetic to the point of paroxysm. Surprised by its freshness and topicality, he decided to share it with a new generation of musicians, offering it to them as his own artistic legacy. Thus was born the ‘Legacy’ project.

Javier Girotto, born in 1965, is an Argentinian saxophonist, composer, arranger and flutist. At 19, he won a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music, where he graduated in Professional Music ‘Cum Magna Laude’.
His four years in the United States were fruitful, a period in which he deepened his studies of composition and arrangement and saxophone and improvisation with masters of the calibre of Joseph Viola, George Garzone, Hall Crook and Jerry Bergonzi. He then learned ‘the craft’, playing with Danilo Perez, George Garzone, Hall Crook, Bob Moses, Herb Pomeroy and many other musicians from whom he picked up a spark of their experience.

Javier’s Italian adventure began at the age of 25, deciding in a short time to start his professional career in this country. He alternated between working with commercial and Latin music groups and forming several jazz groups, with which he began his indefatigable activity as composer and arranger.

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