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Wednesday 05 October

Federico Calcagno & The Dolphians


Nuova Generazione Jazz




Mare Culturale Urbano
Via G. Gabetti 5

JAZZMI and I-Jazz are back together again to highlight and bring out the new Italian jazz talents, eclectic personalities and extraordinary musicians who show us the new trends in contemporary jazz at ARCA, the new cultural centre in the Romolo district that hosts JAZZMI 2022 as the first major event in its programme.

Clarinettist and composer Federico Calcagno, described as the ‘new standard bearer of Italian and European jazz’ by All About Jazz IT, emphasises the importance of multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy’s sextet ‘The Dolphians’. In 2018, the band recorded their first album ‘From Another Planet’, which was listed in JAZZIT’s list of the best 100 albums of 2019.

The sextet is characterised by strong interaction and exuberant collective enthusiasm. Over the past year, the repertoire has increasingly been based on unreleased compositions by the leader, showing a new direction into little-explored territories. Indeed, the ultimate goal of ‘Dolphians’ is to continue Dolphy’s unfinished journey through large doses of imagination, creativity, re-creation and high risk.



Federico Calcagno – Bass and soprano clarinet, compositions, arrangements

Gianluca Zanello – Alto Sax

Luca Ceribelli – Tenor and soprano sax

Andrea Mellace – Vibraphone

Stefano Zambon – Double bass

Stefano Grasso – Drums

Free admission subject to availability

In collaboration with Associazione I-Jazz.