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Thursday 29 September

C’mon Tigre




Magazzini Generali
Via Pietrasanta 16

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Between sacred and profane, classic and contemporary, past and future: the artistic project of C’Mon Tigre originates from these dicothomies. It has been created by the idea of two people and it involves different artists and musicians from different part of the world.

A perfect and apparently separated combination of musical influences which involve nigerian and sub-saharan melodies together with northern european electronic productions: guitars, wind instruments and synthetized voices bring listeners into an imaginary journey that pretends to be a call for a change, a “transformation into any form or substance” A geographically free music based on the desire of melting together tradition and contemporaneity. The core of their musical project is the willingness to combine their Mediterranean roots with a kaleidoscope of sounds of the world. Since their beginning C’Mon Tigre identify themselves as two people, but at the same time as a collective of souls that is based on the collaboration between distinguished musicians from all over the world.

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