JAZZMI torna a Milano per raccontare l’universo del jazz

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Blue Note Milano

Via Pietro Borsieri, 37, 20159 Milano MI, Italia

Yilian Cañizares Resilience Trio

“Yilian is one of the most incredible talents of the new generation of Cuban musicians. She is a virtuoso, she is expressive, spontaneous and with a grace that makes her the favorite of all of us.”
Chucho Valdés

Yilian Cañizares is one of the most interesting contemporary violinists, singers and composers. Never betraying her origins, she skillfully blends jazz, classic and Afro-Cuban rhythms with herotherworldly voice.
Two acclaimed albums, the self-produced Ochumare of 2013 and Invocación of 2015, under the guidance of Alê Siqueira, have strengthened her reputation as an innovative artist, able to cross musical boundaries.

The French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur named her “revelation of the year”, for its charisma, its influences and for the ease with which Yilian sings and plays the violin.

On October 5th 2018, Aguas was released in collaboration with Omar Sosa. The duo has created an intimate and personal record that reflects the views of two generations of Cuban artists living far from their homeland. The album is a mix of moving songs and energetic ballads, symbol of an inimitable musical chemistry between the two artists. A unique fusion between the roots of Afro-Cuban music, classical music and jazz. On November 15th 2019, the new album titled Erzulie was released by the Planeta Y label, founded by the same Yilian Canizares, dedicated to the Haitian female deity of Love and Freedom. Always attentive to the issues of civil and women’s rights, Erzulie is also his tribute to all women who live in this very complicated historical moment.

Yilian Cañizares | Violin and voice, Childo Tomas | Electric bass, Inor Sotolongo | Percussions.

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From 22nd October to 31st December 2020

Blue Note Milano presents the exhibition The Black Square, a series of pictures taken just before or just after the concerts, with the eyes of the artists fixed in the camera and the lighting suitable to bring out the eyes, the mirror of the soul. Impertinent looks of the subjects and an unnatural scenario that goes straight to the most authentic intimacy. Roberto Cifarelli amazes once again with his ability to represent and interpret the world of music in an authentic and enchantingly surreal.

It is possible to visit the exhibition only during the opening of the room for the shows and after the purchase of the ticket for the show.