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Thursday 31 October

True Loves




BIKO Milano
Via E. Ponti 40
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JAZZMI is getting ready to welcome a true block party: listening to the rich sounds of Seattle funk & soul group True Loves is like walking down a familiar street, high-fiving friends, conversing with clerks in their stores while admiring one’s own reflection behind sunglasses in store windows.

A band that can make audiences travel to their own places of the heart, a gathering that began in 2014 initially as a jam session between three of the city’s finest, drummer David McGraw, heady bassist Bryant Moore and otherworldly guitarist Jimmy James. From there the project then expanded to include percussionist Iván Galvez, trombonist Greg Kramer, and saxophonists Gordon Brown and Skerik. Their debut instrumental LP, “Famous Last Words,” was released in 2017 receiving great worldwide acclaim. “Sunday Afternoon,” released in 2021, on the other hand, is an album as sweet and carefree as the imagery elicited by its very title.


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