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Saturday 08 October

Trio BraZuka




RED Gae Aulenti
Piazza Gae Aulenti 1

In the heart of the Porta Nuova district, amidst surprising water features, lives a magical place where there is no boundary between literature, music and taste: RED Bistrot Libreria di Gae Aulenti hosts in its dehors the BraZuka Trio, renowned for their Brazilian-Congolese inspired sound.

Trio BraZuka represents musical union and contamination. The Trio’s first line-up, born in 2017, is completely Brazilian: in May 2019, the independent album ‘Pìlulas Musicais’ is released, with unreleased tracks and other pieces already consecrated with live performances by the group.

In 2020, the Trio merges with the music of Congo, with the entry of multi-instrumentalist Donat Munzila.



Antonio Julio – Voice
Donat Munzila – Voice and guitar
Kal dos Santos – Voice and percussion

Free admission subject to availability.