The Yellowstraps - JAZZMI


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Saturday 19 October

The Yellowstraps




BIKO Milano
Via E. Ponti 40
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Electric guitar loops, vocals and piano floating through reverb, UKG, 2Step and neo-soul infused drums: YellowStraps offers us hybrid art stretching the boundaries of genres.

“The best compliment anyone can pay me is that my music is impossible to describe.”

Recently propelled by his track “Slowdown (girl what’s up)” released in November 2023, which accumulated +12M on Spotify and +16M views on IG, Yvan reappropriates the garage atmosphere he loves so much and decides to reformulate it with his own codes, his electric ukulele and his clone, which he materializes in his handmade videos. “My lyrics are about what touches me the deepest, what overwhelms me. I’ve always found it fascinating how relationships can take us far and induce extreme feelings.”


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