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Wednesday 05 October

The Cinematic Orchestra




Alcatraz Milano
Via Valtellina 25

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The Cinematic Orchestra has always defied categories and conventions. Neither an orchestra nor a band, not a pure jazz act, not an electronic one, but one with a strong jazz influence and originally rooted in the London electronic scene. A refusal to compromise, to bow to classification, to follow conventions.

Coming up with a new album (new in any sense) is never easy, and after the success of ‘Ma Fleur’, the band reinvented the narrative of their style for how to keep the artistic process alive and inspired. The new duo line-up of founder Jason Swinscoe and long-time colleague Dominic Smith explored their distrust of some of the new political, cultural and media trends. Their work now sounds like a call for self-examination, a more critical approach and a renewed need for empathy. The result is ‘To Believe’, a meditation on our consciousness in this moment, a question, not an answer, an album that goes against the trend of creating blinkered 3-minute playlists and tries to give an alternative, something more rare and important.

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