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Tuesday 22 October





Palestra Visconti - Arci Bellezza
Via G. Bellezza 16/A
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“With Italo Barock(q) you can rummage through avant-garde and antiquities while enjoying a bit ofMartian exotica and cerebral tropicalism, without caring about the difference between seriousthings and taking the piss…”-Alfredo Nuti
Italo barock(Q) encapsulates the musical research that the Romagna band has been carrying out foryears, a concentrate of kitsch exoticism and radical experimentation that completes the work ofpost-modern reprocessing carried out across countless genres. Information technology andvirtuality are at the centre of the imagery that runs through the entire work, where excerpts ofancient dance music are exhibited in the form of corrupted audio files, digital glitches, meeting withthe authentic ‘Italian-style’ soundtrack, rock’n’roll and techno. After more than 10 years of research,collecting and focusing on their own prerogatives, Supermarket have established themselves as theauthentic spokesmen of ‘World music from Romagna’, performing live with a dry electronic/acoustictrio.


15,00 euro + ddp – available at Dice