JAZZMI torna a Milano per raccontare l’universo del jazz

· 16:00 - 17:00


Cascina Grande Rozzano

Viale Palmiro Togliatti, 105, 20089 Rozzano MI, Italia

JAZZMI inaugurates its routes outside the city starting from Rozzano, just outside Milan, with a series of projects that will find home in Cascina Grande where workshops, concerts and special projects like Studio Murena concert will alternate. In collaboration with Fondazione di Comunità Milano Onlus and Comune di Rozzano / Rozzano Library.

Studio Murena Project was born in Milan in 2018 by five talented musicians of the conservatory: Amedeo Nan, Maurizio Gazzola, Matteo Castiglioni, Marco Falcon and Giovanni Ferrazzi. After releasing its first work, Crunchy Bites, the group immediately had the opportunity to perform on large stages of festivals such as Jazzmi, Musicalzoo and Jazz On The Road. Later, their idea of music oriented towards darker sounds including in the ensemble the MC Carma that characterizes the project with lyrical rap intention conscious and committed. Over the past year, the group has received numerous rewards including: the first place at the Pending Lips Festival and Jamforthefuture organized by Jazzmi concretizing, then, the opportunity to share important stages with artists such as The Comet Is Coming, Davide Shorty & Funk Shui Project, Inoki and others. Proudly representing all the realities included in its personal sound, the group is completing its last project in studio, which is about to be released. 

Amedeo Nan | Electric Guitar, Maurizio Gazzola | Electric bass, Matteo Castiglioni | Keyboards and synth, Marco Falcon | Drums, Giovanni Ferrazzi | Electrics and sampler, Carma | Voice.

Free entry by required reservation 

Bookings available from 05/10/2020

We think that live music is an indispensable emotion for our culture and for our growth and that is why we have not renounced to return to theaters, clubs and streets. We don’t underestimate the pandemic that is taking place and we have taken all possible precautions in accordance with the rules and recommendations in force. We will therefore invite you to help us maintain the distances and please, always wear your mask! We will remain distant but together.
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