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Conservatorio di Milano - Sala Verdi

Via Conservatorio, 20122 Milano MI, Italia

Stefano Bollani – Piano Variations On Jesus Christ Superstar

Stefano Bollani Stefano Bollani is a pianist, entertainer, writer, an artist with such a big talent he doesn’t know anymore where to head it. He plays everything; He loves samba and Brasil; He plays jazz and classical music with symphonic orchestras. The collaboration with Riccardo Chailly is worth mentioning: they recorded Gershwin’s  Rhapsody in Blue and Concerto in Fa in a record that became Platinum disc with over 70.000 copies sold.

His love for experimentation brings him to publishing, radio and theatre worlds and leads him to publish three novels. We also watched him on prestigious stages and on TV with Maurizio Crozza, Claudio Bisio, Renzo Arbore and on his own projects like the jazz show Sostiene Bollani (Rai 3). His most recent project is L’importante è avere un piano: seven shows on Rai 1 with guests, improvisations and live music. Fifty years after the release of the original album “Jesus Christ Superstar”, Stefano Bollani has created his personal version, completely unreleased and totally instrumental of the Andrew LIoyd Webber & Tim Rice’s masterpiece.

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photo by Valentina Cenni

Selected by Radio Monte Carlo


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