Pat Metheny Dream Box - JAZZMI


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Saturday 02 November

Pat Metheny Dream Box




Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber
Via Larga 14
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Pat Metheny’s world tour makes a stop at JAZZMI, a one-of-a-kind experience that will see the U.S. guitarist and composer shed all superstructure to showcase himself exceptionally in a solo capacity.

“My idea is to find different angles and ways of thinking about music, while maintaining a key aesthetic throughout,” 20-time Grammy Award winner Pat Metheny will present live tracks from his new album “MoonDial”, accompanied by a few tracks from Dream Box and retracing historic musical moments that have marked a career spanning nearly 50 years. Almost like an avant-garde innovator with his music, he has been able to move the boundaries of modern music further and further, distinguishing himself with his stage presence from anything that other solo artists would be able to accomplish live.


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