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Saturday 19 October

Nubiyan Twist




Santeria Toscana 31
Viale Toscana 31
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Nubiyan Twist have risen to become one of the leading groups in the fertile UK music scene. Known for their eclectic blend of styles and powerful sound, the virtuosic nine-piece band’s thrilling exploration of tight musicianship and infectious grooves have consistently mesmerised audiences.

A blend of virtuosic players, skilled producers and inspired composers join forces to create a unique sound drawing on jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, dancehall, soul, reggae and dance music. What’s their trademark? Ultra-precise sonorities and a visionary sound. 2024 sees Nubiyan Twist embark on a fresh musical odyssey with the announcement of their vibrant fourth album ‘Find Your Flame’. Over 12 tracks, the band seamlessly weave together global grooves, soul and jazz; expertly intertwined with electronic elements, horn-led melodies and spontaneous improvisation.


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