Murubutu & Moon Jazz Band - JAZZMI


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Saturday 02 November

Murubutu & Moon Jazz Band




Triennale Milano Teatro
Viale E. Alemagna 6
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A groundbreaking project in which parallel universes, worlds and styles come together through an original jazz reinterpretation of Murubutu’s repertoire. Accompanying him on stage is the Moon Jazz Band for an evening in which the origins of jazz will intertwine and mix with those of “more classic” hip-hop.

Innovative atmospheres and unexplored arrangements are the elements with which Murubutu’s discography takes on a new and unprecedented key. The influences of his works open up to a musical language different from “classic” rap. Murubutu approaches hip hop in the early 1990s and after deep reflection on the interaction between school content and rap music gives birth to a new musical subgenre: educational rap. 2009 is the year in which his solo project came to life, a discography in which hip hop and classical sounds serve as a base for strong songwriting bent and poetic accents.

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