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Saturday 28 October

Mike Stern Band




Blue Note Milano
Via Pietro Borsieri 37
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In a career that spans three decades and a discography that includes more than a dozen eclectic and innovative recordings, five-time Grammy nominee Mike Stern has established himself as one of the premier jazz and jazz-fusion guitarists and composers of his generation.

Stern’s music has always come from a colorful and diverse part of town a place where numerous artistic styles converge to create a fresh sound thats rooted in jazz but refuses to adhere to rigid borders. Since his earliest recordings, this former bandmate of Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Billy Cobham and other high-profile innovators has grafted elements of rock, blues, soul and more to his solid jazz foundations. On Sterns street, anybody who brings a sense of energy, eclecticism and passion to the craft of music is welcome to play. Line up Mike Stern: Electric Guitar Dennis Chambers: drum Leni Stern: Electric Guitar, Vocal Bob Franceschini: sax Lincoln Goines: bass


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