Michael League & Bill Laurance - JAZZMI


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Tuesday 05 November

Michael League & Bill Laurance




Triennale Milano Teatro
Viale E. Alemagna 6
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Almost in antithesis to the stadium Snarky Puppy, its founder Michael League and crossover piano icon Bill Laurance take us to an imaginary place filled with beauty, peace and energy through intimate, atmospheric melody-driven dialogue.

“Where You Wish You Were” is the name of their first duo album in which on the one hand Michael League draws colorful musical landscapes with oud, bass and guitar and on the other Bill Laurance, otherwise known even to us primarily for dense walls of sound on keyboards and synthesizers, transfers his sonic palette to the acoustic world of piano. A musical escapism, a world jazz 2.0 and an invitation to a place where wish to belong. A project that was able to turn into an opportunity to explore the intimacy, fragility and clarity that exists in the relationship between the two musicians. “Every single compositional idea carries a lot of weight and everything has a definite purpose. There was no rhythm section to hide behind, it was all about melody and chords. And we were instinctively trying to create a place where people wanted to go, that was comforting. We feel that now, perhaps more than ever, there is a need for such places.”


Line up:

oud, bass, piano


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