JAZZMI torna a Milano per raccontare l’universo del jazz

· 19:00 - 20:00


Balera dell'Ortica

Via Giovanni Antonio Amadeo, 78, 20134 Milano MI, Italia

Lazy Sloths Jazz Band

The Lazy Sloths Jazz Band was founded within the walls of the Conservatory of Milan, in the Jazz departement. The idea is to propose a “sound of the New Orleans tradition” but with a smarter formation. Born as a primordial trio, consisting of saxophone, guitar and bass tuba, the group soon realized the lack of an essential tool for the Dixieland music: The Banjo.

In 2018 they performed at the Novarajazz festival as artists selected for the category “Streetjazz” and in 2019 they participated for the first time at the JAZZMI2019 festival, in Milan.
The LSJB is mainly active in Milan and performs for public or private events, weddings and dance parties; the ensemble has also played traveling out of the town, bringing their whirlwind swing throughout the province of Milan and beyond.

Giacomo Bertazzoni | Tenor saxophone, Davide Turolla | Guitar, Daniele Zini | Banjo, Alberto Introini | Bass tuba.

Free entry by required reservation
Bookings available from 05/10/2020

We think that live music is an indispensable emotion for our culture and for our growth and that is why we have not renounced to return to theaters, clubs and streets. We don’t underestimate the pandemic that is taking place and we have taken all possible precautions in accordance with the rules and recommendations in force. We will therefore invite you to help us maintain the distances and please, always wear your mask! We will remain distant but together.
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