JAZZMI è il festival jazz di Milano. In autunno dal 2016.

· 12:00


OLINDA - Ex Ospedale Psichiatrico Paolo Pini

Via Ippocrate, 47, 20161 Milano MI, Italia

JAZZMI arrives  on the stage of the ex psychiatric hospital Paolo Pini, a beautiful territorial resource on the metropolitan borders of Milan, symbol of the process of rebirth and metamorphosis that the city has lived through the years, where all the forms of culture and art that the city offers find a home. Ex Paolo Pini is also the setting for music festivals, theatre festivals, open-air cinema and many other cultural activities. It is also a wonderful natural setting, the ideal setting to make the notes of the Lazy Sloths Jazz Band resound.

Lazy Sloths Jazz Band
Four years ago the Lazy Sloths Jazz Band was born within the walls of the jazz department of the Conservatorio of Milan. At the heart of the project is the idea of proposing a sound of the New Orleans tradition but with a different lineup. Born as a trio, consisting of saxophone, guitar and bass tuba, the group soon realizes the lack of an essential tool for the genre Dixieland: the banjo.
In 2018 they performed at the Novarajazz festival as artists selected for the category “Streetjazz” and in 2019 they participated for the first time in the Milanese festival JAZZMI2019

Alberto Introini | Bass Tuba, Giacomo Bertazzoni | Saxophone, Davide Turolla | Jazz Guitar, Daniele Zini | Banjo

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