JAZZMI torna a Milano per raccontare l’universo del jazz

· 20:00 - 21:30


Teatro Dal Verme

Via S. Giovanni sul Muro, 3, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

James Senese – Napoli Centrale

In 2018 Senese celebrated his 50 years of career on stages throughout Italy, giving to his audience a double anthology live record ”Aspettanno ‘O Tiempo”. It includes his most famous hits and two unreleased songs – “Route 66” and ”LL’AMERICA” (this one written by Edoardo Bennato) and a reinterpretation of Astrud Gilberto and Herb Otha’s “Manha de Carnaval”, here entitled ”Dint’ ‘o core”. This record turns James Senese into one of the most important Italian musicians of the last 50 years. His concerts (always sold out) are besieged by an audience that brings together fathers and sons in a ritual that transcends the mere concert. Senese must be seen live, with his 74 years that become twenty on stage and his music, an explosive blend of black sound, jazz, funk, afro with a radical Neapolitan musical influence.

James Senese | vocals e sax, Fredy Malfi | drums, Rino Calabritto | bass, Lorenzo Campese | keyboards.

from 30 to 40 euros + advance fee

We think that live music is an indispensable emotion for our culture and for our growth and that is why we have not renounced to return to theaters, clubs and streets. We don’t underestimate the pandemic that is taking place and we have taken all possible precautions in accordance with the rules and recommendations in force. We will therefore invite you to help us maintain the distances and please, always wear your mask! We will remain distant but together.

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