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Sunday 22 October

Jaga Jazzist




Magazzini Generali
Via Pietrasanta 16

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It is impossible to describe the myriad musical influences and inspirations that inform the sound of Jaga Jazzist without falling into genre confusion, such is the magnitude and sonic diversity of the Norwegian supergroup’s compositions. A band that has always rejected all categorization, but with one consistent direction: moving forward, always forward.

The members of Jaga Jazzist have distinguished themselves from the beginning within Norway’s disproportionately large and vibrant music scene. Founded in 1994 by the youngest of the three brothers who make up the line up, Lars, Martin, and Line have always demonstrated a stubborn aversion to orthodoxy-one of the primary reasons Jaga sound different from any other band in any scene. By constantly pushing to avoid the onset of predictability common to bands that achieve Jaga’s longevity, Lars’ epic, cinematic approach to writing has remained paradoxically accessible. However, despite the presence of a principal composer, the fundamental philosophy of the group is that all members contribute to the final shape of the music.


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