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Sunday 09 October

Il Mago del Gelato




Made in Corvetto
Piazzale Ferrara 2

Getting an ice cream in Corvetto has never been so easy, or maybe not! Il Mago del Gelato (The Wizard of Ice Cream) will perform a live concert in the heart of Piazzale Ferrara: seven musicians moving between Mediterranean melodies and new songs, in an event not to be missed.

Il Mago Del Gelato is a collective of seven musicians formed in 2021 on the outskirts of Milan in Via Padova, to be precise inside Studio La Sabbia, opposite the bar from which they take their name.

The soul is afrobeat, the heart is Mediterranean: these are the main ingredients the band mixes, combining the music they play with an aesthetic imagery that looks back to the Italian coastline of rusty pastel-coloured factories, kiosks by the sea and abandoned ice-cream parlours.

Il Mago Del Gelato is perfect both for enjoying an ice cream while sitting with friends and for refreshing and moving the body in the dancehall.

Ginger, Stracciatella or Fragolino?



Alessio Dal Checco – Tenor Sax
Martina Campi – Flute, trombone
Alessandro Paolone – Synth, vocoder
Ferruccio Perrone – Electric guitar
Giovanni Doneda – Electric bass guitar
Alessio Profeti – Percussion
Pietro Gregori – Drums

Free admission subject to availability.

In collaboration with Lacittàintorno.