JAZZMI torna a Milano per raccontare l’universo del jazz

· 18:00 - 19:30


Blue Note Milano

Via Pietro Borsieri, 37, 20159 Milano MI, Italia

Gegè Telesforo

Singer, percussionist, multi – instrumentalist, Producer and A&R al Groove Master Edition label, journalist, entertainer, author and radio – tv conductor, GeGè Telesforo represent a professional character  with a thousand shades. Music stands behind all his activities, and he has been dedicating to music every single effort for thirthyfive years. He was artistically born with Renzo Arbore, who discovered Telesforo incredible vocal skills. Telesforo  learned, over the years, to focous on a his own research project, which is  centered on the scat tecnique, the vocal improvisation. And winning the Jazzit Award for nine years from 2010 to 2018 as the best male voice confirmes it.

Il mondo in testa is the title of his last musical work. Produced  by GrooveMasterEdition, JandoMusic e ViaVenetoJazz, that album is a re-elaboration of rhythm and melodies from very different  musical sources, put up together during a lifetime: a sort of artistic and autobiographical path  in which encounters, atmospheres, genres and languages that characterized creative seasons, visited places  or happened moments, finalli arise.

Gegè Telesforo | voice, Faieta | voice and keyboards, Christian Mascetta | guitar, Domenico Sanna| piano and keyboards, Pietro Pancella |bass, Michele Santoleri | drums.

18 euros advance price
23 euros door price

From 22nd October to 31st December 2020

Blue Note Milano presents the exhibition The Black Square, a series of pictures taken just before or just after the concerts, with the eyes of the artists fixed in the camera and the lighting suitable to bring out the eyes, the mirror of the soul. Impertinent looks of the subjects and an unnatural scenario that goes straight to the most authentic intimacy. Roberto Cifarelli amazes once again with his ability to represent and interpret the world of music in an authentic and enchantingly surreal.

It is possible to visit the exhibition only during the opening of the room for the shows and after the purchase of the ticket for the show.