Frank Sinutre - JAZZMI


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Tuesday 04 October

Frank Sinutre


Bicocca In Jazz




Bicocca Village
Viale Sarca angolo Via Chiese
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JAZZMI invades Bicocca Village and its spaces with a special triple event that will connect Bicocca, its inhabitants, Milan and the realities of the area to discover together the new spaces and new stories of the Entertainment Centre: a big party for everyone in JAZZMI style.

Frank Sinutre is an electronic music duo from Mantua that has been active since 2011. They have the peculiarity of using self-made electronic instruments, such as the Reactabox and the Drummabox (an acoustic drum kit based on Arduino), as well as traditional instruments such as the guitar, synth or lap steel guitar in live performances.

Frank Sinutre have four studio albums to their credit and more than three hundred live performances in Italy and Europe.



Michele Menghini
Isacco Pavanelli

Free admission subject to availability.