JAZZMI torna a Milano per raccontare l’universo del jazz

· 20:00 - 21:30


Triennale Milano Teatro

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Franco D’Andrea New Things

Franco D’Andrea’s iridiscent art is like a polyhedron tending to a sphere. A sharp, magmatic, quick and refined music, enriched with a gentle stubborness. Overwhelming but coherent at the same time. Intensely personal, completely jazz.

With more than a hundred and sixty album, recorded in Italy and abroad, and twenty Top Jazz awards, and eleven of those for the category Italian Musician of the year, Franco D’Andrea is now considered one of the best contemporary pianists and he represent the excellence that italian jazz gave birth to in the last fifty years.

His most recent band is called Franco D’Andrea New Things Trio, and it is composed of  guitarist Enrico Terragnoli and  troumpet player Mirko Cisilino. New Things is also their new album, which was released on 13th march 2020 for Parco della Musica Records. New music, new formation. A different approach, more communicative and colourfull. Franco D’Andrea’s music keeps on renewing during every concert, and now it finds its much more edited and contemporary expression; even in the most abstract moments, his music takes place in a new prospective, in the name of lightness.

Franco D’Andrea | Piano, Mirko Cisilino | Trumpet, Enrico Terragnoli | Guitar and electronics

25 euros + advance sale fee



We think that live music is an indispensable emotion for our culture and for our growth and that is why we have not renounced to return to theaters, clubs and streets. We don’t underestimate the pandemic that is taking place and we have taken all possible precautions in accordance with the rules and recommendations in force. We will therefore invite you to help us maintain the distances and please, always wear your mask! We will remain distant but together.

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