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Friday 30 September

Enrico Intra – Oxymoron


17 Jazz improvisations for piano and string quartet




Teatro Puntozero Beccaria
C/O Istituto penale per minorenni Cesare Beccaria, Via dei Calchi Taeggi 20

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If Italian jazz today has its own identity, and if the city of Milan has been a major player in it, it is to a certain extent due to Enrico Intra, italian jazz pianist, composer and teacher. For JAZZMI 2022, the Maestro returns to Teatro Puntozero with a special formation, accompanied by the strings of the Civic Jazz Courses of the ‘C. Abbado’ Civic School of Milan and by the double bassist Margherita Carbonell, to give us an absolutely new first performance.

The most seductive and perturbing aspect of the oxymoron, at all possible levels of verification, is that the contradiction in terms is innate in the lemma itself: the acute and the obtuse (or vice versa), from which the original Greek word is composed, radiate the sense of a paradox that is in fact only apparent, predisposed instead to illuminate, by unveiling them, practical or deeper conditions, even existential ones. The title that Enrico Intra gives to this marvellous new work of his exerts the same force of excavation, of liberation, of passionate elevation beyond the inert obviousness of categories and genres, in this case music.

We will hear the world premiere of this particular composition in the orchestral formation for which it was conceived and prearranged, with the addition of double bass player Margherita Carbonell who will act with Intra’s piano in an unstable and open, improvisational mode, according to a performance action that finds in the state of irreparable impermanence of sound things the most effective and exciting of conjunctions.


Enrico Intra – Piano
Rilke Quartet:
Giulia Gambaro
Martina Verna
Giulietta Bianca Bondio
Federica Colombo
Special guest: Margherita Carbonell – Double bass

Free admission with required booking at THIS LINK.


The hall is located on the second floor, without a lift. There is a stair lift: persons with mobility difficulties are asked to report their presence on 3408036703 in order to check wheelchair compatibility.