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Friday 07 October

Dave Schroeder and Antonio Figura


The Mathematical Structures of Bebop Music




Politecnico di Milano - Leonardo Campus
Auditorium Casa dello Studente “Leonardo da Vinci”, Via G. Pascoli 53

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The Politecnico di Milano opens its doors to us for an interactive music workshop conducted by the Faculty of Music and Acoustic Engineering: thanks to the duo of Dave Schroeder and Antonio Figura, we will discover how the great jazz legends drew on and took inspiration from classical music to design and create the language of bebop.

Multi-instrumentalist Dave Schroeder and pianist Antonio Figura have been music collaborators since 2016.

While they have performed together across a wide variety of group settings, it is their intimate duo work that has produced some truly expressive performances that transcend musical genres. Their original compositions, written specifically for the unique arsenal of instruments he has mastered including, sopranino saxophone, bass flute, chromatic harmonica, Mongolian ever buree, and bass ocarina, to name a few, intertwine perfectly with Figura’s classical infused piano improvisations. While they are commonly featured at jazz festivals and clubs, the delicacy of sounds they create fits best within the concert hall setting.

We discover with them how the likes of Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk created be-bop.



Antonio Figura – Piano

Dave Schroeder – Harmonica, Sopranino Sax, Bass flute, Piccolo Flute, Mongolian Ever Buree

Free admission with required booking at this link.