Camille Bertault
“I started singing in Cabaret style, but it was jazz that bewitched me”. A great talent that naturally swings like the famous female jazz voices, Camille Bertault dances between jazz and the chanson francais with her virtuous, euphoric and slightly cheeky sket.

Her latest work title, Pas de Géant (it is the literary translation of Giant Step, legendary John Coltrane’s standard of 1959) not only is a tribute, but also a declaration of intents. In this album, Camille transforms Coltrane saxophone’s virtuosity  into a phenomenal and liberating vocal performance, enchanting us with the astonishing song Là où tu vas, structured on a cultured and witty text, simple and provocative at the same time.

Bertault’s singing power with all its sweetness and freedom, brings people a fresh and new universe of jazz: she has a very personal musical style, madeout of rhythmically and sparkling notes, that match with her light-hearted lyrics. So, her album is a “tailor-made suite” and Camille can show all her musical skills and her creative freedom. Coltrane had no way of getting to know her, but certainly he smiles at her somewhere.

Camille Bertault | Lead Voice, Fady Farah | piano, Christophe Minck | bass

Marianne Mirage
Marianne was born in Romagna and she’s an Italian artist totally out of line. With a complete musical education, Marianne has been able to conquer a wider and heterogeneous public with its strong stage presence and its warm bass voice, which touch the deep soul strings.

Travelin’ Light ‘ A tribute to Billie Holiday 
When she doesn’t sing, Marianne writes for the cinema (she is the author of The Place written for the homonymous film by Paolo Genovese and nominated for the David di Donatello 2018). For JAZZMI 2018 Mirage presents her vocal research on Billie Holiday who has been a crucial influence in her career and the genesis of her love for jazz.
Vox | Marianne Mirage, Double Bass | Paolino Dalla Porta, Piano | Gianluca Di Ienno
Art Director | Tania Feghali

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