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Friday 01 November

Bill Frisell “Tour”




Triennale Milano Teatro
Viale E. Alemagna 6
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A chameleon-like collective counterpoint in which nothing ever remains the same, giving ample room for improvisation, always keeping the initial idea on which each piece is built sharply in mind. An explosive cooperation in which each performance stands out from the previous one, thus becoming a unique piece to be collected musically.

“Four” is an extraordinary meditative journey soaring over the melody of 13 tracks centered on loss, friendship and personal renewal. It is a set of original songs interwoven with a few pieces from Frisell’s previous artistic career. Accompanying him are a group of musical friends, independent spirits and kindred minds: Gerard Clayton on piano, Johnathan Blake on drums, and his longtime collaborator Greg Tardy on saxophone and clarinet. Recorded during the pandemic, this project is a safe place where each artist’s expression emerges in equal parts. “Four” reflects Frisell’s connection to Americana and deft saturation of the blues.


Line Up

Bill Frisell,electric guitar

Greg Tardy, tenor sax, clarinet

Gerald Clayton, piano, organ

Johnathan Blake, drums


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