Baraccone Express + Words and Music - JAZZMI



Sunday 09 October

Baraccone Express + Words and Music


JAZZMI Around All In Green




Abbazia Chiaravalle
Via Sant'Arialdo 102

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The Abbey of Chiaravalle embraces the hypnotic sound of Baraccone Express, whose musical idea crosses genres and sound territories, between Balkan echoes and old-time jazz references. An enchanting interlude of readings will mark the break between the first and second set.

A hypnotic sound, between piano, harpsichord and guitar.

An instrument with an ancient history: the cymbalom, the protagonist of much Central and Eastern European music, from Hungary to Ukraine, but also of gypsy and klezmer music.

This is the starting point for the Baraccone Express, which combines the cymbalom with clarinet, soprano flugelhorn, voice and double bass. A toast to street art, to the music of wayfarers and caravans: a musical idea that crosses genres and sound territories, including Balkan echoes, soundtracks and references to old-time jazz.



Paolo Xeres – cymbalom
Luca Radaelli – clarinet/sax alto
Edoardo Tomaselli – trumpet/soprano flugelhorn
Stefano Malugani – double bass

Free entrance with required booking at THIS LINK.

Thanks to the contribution of Fondazione di Comunità Milano.

In collaboration with Forestami.