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Tuesday 04 October

Asante Sana


Bicocca In Jazz




Bicocca Village
Viale Sarca angolo Via Chiese

JAZZMI invades Bicocca Village and its spaces with a special triple event that will connect Bicocca, its inhabitants, Milan and the realities of the area to discover together the new spaces and new stories of the Entertainment Centre: a big party for everyone in JAZZMI style.

Asante Sana is a musical project active since 2016 and composed of Sara Loren, Clodiana Fuga, Marco Paretti and Andrea Leona.

Throughout its history it has welcomed people and experiences to build an evolving repertoire that, starting from jazz and swing, re-proposes classics and more contemporary pieces in an acoustic and manouche key.

The Asante Sana continue to play walking, between Italy and Europe, in the streets of cities where they feed off the energy of an audience that continues to evolve with them.



Sara Lorenzo Cantera – Voice

Clodiana Fuga – Voice and guitar

Marco Paretti – Cajon

Andrea Leone – Bass Guitar

Free admission subject to availability.