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Thursday 12 October

Antonio Sánchez Quartet


Opening Act: Thomas Umbaca




Triennale Milano Teatro
Viale E. Alemagna 6
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with Seamus Blake, Gwilym Simcock, Doug Weiss.

Born in Mexico City, the career of composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Antonio Sánchez boasts the winning of four Grammy Awards: on the JAZZMI stage he will be accompanied by an exceptional group consisting of Seamus Blake, Gwilym Simcock and DougWeiss

He began playing drums at the age of five and then performed in his early teens in Mexico’s major rock, jazz and Latin scenes, which allowed him to train professionally. In 1999 he moved to NewYork, the metropolis offering him the opportunity to make a name for himself until he became one of the most sought-after drummers on the international jazz scene. With his latest project “Shift,”Sánchez has given voice to songs and performances by a spectrum of international songwriters who have relied on him in order to imagine their pieces in a different light. The common thread is the fragility of our current political and social climate, always keeping the desire for hope and improvement central.

Line up
Antonio Sánchez–Drums
Seamus Blake–Tenor Sax
Gwilym Simcock–Piano
Doug Weiss–Bass


Opening: Thomas Umbaca

Thomas Umbaca, born in 1997, was raised in Milan and lives in the city.

Since his childhood he has been dedicated and interested in composition and improvisation, two aspects that over the years have evolved into a single expressive language.


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