JAZZMI torna a Milano per raccontare l’universo del jazz

· 21:00


Teatro Dal Verme

Via S. Giovanni sul Muro, 3, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

Alex Britti feat. Flavio Boltro – Progetto Speciale

Alex Britti goes on stage with “Progetto Speciale” together with his ideal travelling companion, an all-round musician, a trumpet player who has the same instinct, his own soul, Flavio Boltro.

The meeting between the two eclectic musicians is between two extremely close-knit accomplices who just a few notes of a song to understand where they will go without the need for exhausting evidence, where improvisation and the ability to listen to each other and the full awareness of speaking the same language, that language with a blues and jazz flavor, dominates. Not only that, the concert includes the reinterpretation of the repertoire of Alex in a more intimate, elegant and pressing at the same time, in which some successful songs are flanked by songs that the same Alex loves to define the “B sides” herefore less known, the not single but, that perfectly embody the spirit of this project in which for once “it is the song at the service of the protagonists and not the opposite”.

On stage to accompany the two protagonists there will be three musicians, Riccardo Adamo on drums, Emanuele Brignola on bass and Davide Sambrotta on piano and keyboards. Three musicians chosen because they are able to exalt all the moments of the concert, concrete professionals able to follow interpreting and get involved by the “wave” relying completely in the hands of those who will lead the ship.

Alex Britti | guitar, voice , Flavio Boltro | trumpet, flugelhorn, Riccardo Adamo | drums, Emanuele Brignola | bass, Davide Sambrotta | piano, keyboard

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