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Saturday 26 October

Alabaster Deplume




Santeria Toscana 31
Viale Toscana 31
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Alabaster De Plume is a composer, saxophonist, activist, poet and speaker from Manchester, UK. For the past few years he has been at home at London’s legendary creative space Total Refreshment Centre: this is where he has made his latest albums; a fascinating and elusive mix of spiritual jazz, spoken poetry and global sounds.

Last Sept. 8 saw the release of “Come With Fierce Grace”: a series of tracks born in the same sessions that led to the previous “Gold,” of which it represents a freer, impro version, still with a high poetic rate.


“Alabaster DePlume’s return burns with passion and the art of improvisation.


More than a confirmation, Alabaster DePlume’s new album is the affirmation of creativity over the rigidity of patterns, those patterns that moreover allowed “Gold ” to rise to masterpiece status and this new “Come With Fierce Grace” to stand as a worthy sequel to such grace and beauty.”


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