JAZZMI torna a Milano per raccontare l’universo del jazz

· 21:00


Estate Sforzesca

A different jazz band meets a rap pioneer for a journey made of musical contamination, dissonances, geographical trips. Africa, America, Middle East and Italy, three parts of one great sound, from rap to jazz. From Frankie to AljazZeera. The project was created in collaboration with Giorgio Li Calzi in occasion of Torino Jazz Festival.

Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc | Voice
Manuel Pramotton | Sax
Luca Mangani | Bass
Donato Stolfi | Drums

FRANKIE HI-NRG MC. Rap pioneer made his debut with the single “Fight da feida” in 1992; the following year he released the album “Verba Manent” with BMG label, the first Italian rap album to be released with a major label. It boasts participations in the renowned Sanremo Festival and collaborations with many international artists. He loves to range from music to photography, from theater to cinema and more.

ALJAZZEERA. A band that plays jazz with the energy of rock, interpreting suggestions from the music of the Maghreb and the Arab world. Bebop phrases, Egyptian rhythms, slow melodies in unison, free improvisation, rarefied environments and electronic sandstorms, all of this contributes to creating an original sound. It’s like being in a car in the traffic of Rabat listening to Miles Davis.

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Castello Sforzesco
Piazza Castello 1, Milano

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Those who’ll spend the summer in Milan, in the evenings between June and August have a safe destination: Castello Sforzesco, which hosts over 80 live events in the context of Estate Sforzesca. The protagonists are 48 concerts, 29 theatrical performances and 4 dance performances, from 21 June to 3 September. Thanks to the collaboration with Ponderosa Music & Art,Estate Sforzesca hosts the special summer preview of JAZZMI 2020 which will return to Milan from 22 October to 1 November.