· 17:00


Mulino di Chiaravalle

Via Sant'Arialdo, 102, 20139 Chiaravalle MI, Italia

In collaboration with Lacittàintorno, Terzo Paesaggio and other neighborhood asso-ciations, JAZZMI has devised an afternoon route to discover Chiaravalle, from Casa Chiaravalle to the center of the neighborhood, ending with an evening of celebrations in Cascina Casottello, in Corvetto. After the concert at Casa Chiaravalle, , we will move to the Mulino di Chiaravalle for the live performance of the SGRIOB.

The group is formed in the summer of 2016, from an idea of the guitarist and composer Giorgio Galimberti, immediately followed by the drummer Edoardo Tura. Then take part the pianist and composer Alex Crocetta and, ultimately, the bassist Pietro Campana. In the summer of 2017 they released their first EP “Take a Closer Look”, a record featuring modern jazz, fusion, funk and world music influences. In May 2018 the group recorded the first LP, released in September, anticipated by videoclips and playtrough produced by DvMark.

Giorgio Galimberti | guitar, Alex Crocetta | keyboards, Pietro Campana | bass, Edoardo Tura | drums

Event with free admittance subject to availability.