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Paolo Conte
Paolo Conte was born in Asti. Since he was a boy he began to cultivate his passions: American jazz and the visual arts. It is not necessary to do a list of all the stages of his long artistic career between Italy and abroad, especially France. Paolo Conte is an author, singer and musician highly appreciated by critics and he’s one of the greatest exponents of Italian song today. The Artist’s discography counts more than twenty albums in addition to his anthologies and remakes.

On October 2016 Amazing Game was released, his first instrumental music’s album, produced by Rita Allevato and worldwide distributed by Decca Records. The album consists of recordings made at different times (from the 1990s to nowdays). There is a lot of improvisation based on a trip that lasts thirty years.

In occasion of JAZZMI 2018, Paolo Conte relives the greatest successes of his extraordinary career celebrating first of all his song, “Azzurro”, that brought him to success in Italy and abroad.

“Paolo Conte is a genius of the word that makes music and music, than, becomes poetry” – Vincenzo Mollica writes on the liner notes of the new Paolo Conte’s album Zazzarazàz – A Varied Art Show – “Paolo Conte is the only one that knows how to tell the adventure, the dramaturgy and the unpredictable crazyness of human race. ”

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