· 21:00


Heracles Gymnasium

Via Padova, 21, 20127 Milano MI, Italia

JAZZMI, in collaboration with Lacittàintorno, will invite you to discover, with the Orchestra di via Padova, the Heracles Gymnasium gym: a place of socialization, music and literature, where guests can “clash with culture”, in the heart of Via Padova, city’s melting pot and an open harbor hosting a contamination of cultures.

Born in 2006 from the encounter of professional musicians boasting a wide range of different experiences and artistic sensibilities, the Orchestra di via Padova immediately became a laboratory of exchange and experimentation, with every member stepping up to create a common language based on reciprocity and contamination. The physical location of the meeting was really in via Padova, the most multiethnic street in Milan, where many musicians live or work today. The multi-ethnic component makes the sounds of the band engaging, and able to naturally range from funky to jazz, from African rhythms to balkan ballads, up to classical, blues and Italian song.

Francesca Sabatino | voice, Manuel Ferreira | voice, Marta Pistocchi | violin, Mariella Sanvito | violin, Andon Manushi | viola, Walter Parisi | cello, Andrea Migliarini | drums, Andrea Quaglia | bass, Ashanka Sen | sitar, Lorenzo Gasperoni | percussion, Dario Walid Yassa | keyboard, Luciano Macchia | trombone, Paolo Lopolito | soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, Raffaele Brancati | clarinet, tenor saxophone, Massimo Marcer | trumpet, saxhorn, Konstantin Vornicu | accordion, Massimo Latronico | guitar, bouzouki

Event with free admittance subject to availability