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Triennale Teatro dell'Arte

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

James Senese
James Senese crossed transversely the Italian song, funk-jazz, rock. During the fifty years of his career, he played all over the world, with The Napoli Centrale and collaborations with his unforgettable friend Pino Daniele. Senese, seventy three years old, still be a model for all those musicians who want to play coherently and sincerely with theirselves.

Born in 1945, the year of the end of the war, from an American father and a Neapolitan mother, Senese was a child who has always tried to fight what he considered unjust, first of all the prejudice. Surely the color of his skin, as he says, has boosted this feeling. Then he discovered the saxophone. There he condensed all his anxieties, fears, into his sax, literally. Symbol of great artistic consistency, Sienese renounces important engagements to always bring to the public his social and musical ideas.

Two years from his beautiful song ‘O Sanghe (winner of the prestigious Targa Tenco in 2017) and after more than 200 concerts, Senese publishes Aspettanno O’ Tiemp. The album is a confirmation of the still thriving creative sensitivity of James Senese. With him an exceptional band that has been the heart of Napoli Centrale for a long time: ERNESTO VITOLO, GIGI DE RIENZO and AGOSTINO MARANGOLO, the same band – including Sienese – which made a masterpiece Black in half by Pino Daniele.

James Senese | sax, Ernesto Vitolo | keys, Gigi De Rienzo | bass, Agostino Marangolo | drums

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