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La misteriosa musica della Regina Loana
Paolo Fresu wrote that the duo Trovesi – Coscia is “a ‘Symphonic Orchestra with all the colors of music. Orchestra that sails in the seas of the world on the boats of the early twentieth century and that collects, in its migrate, the perfumes and the moods of the world, it is intelligent and curious music, cultured and popular, funny but at the same time profound, it sails in the Mediterranean seas overcoming the Pillars of Hercules and going to the New Continent to return to Italy passing through Mitteleuropa “. In this unprecedented project, Trovesi and Coscia face the wonderful theme of the last century’s evergreens in a sincere and new way, so much so that the noble record label directed by Manfred Eicher decided to release the album from the first day of the summer of 2019.

Needless to mention biographical notes of the award-winning firm Trovesi & Coscia. These two authentic music lords have lent their instruments to original record adventures but also to a number of great artists over the last fifty years of modern music history as perhaps no other; the advancing age has made them impervious to contemporary errors and ugliness and wisdom has transformed them into unique sonorous philosophers of unparalleled stature.

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