· 15:00


Casa Chiaravalle

Via Sant'Arialdo, 69, 20141 Milano MI, Italia

In collaboration with Lacittàintorno, Terzo Paesaggio and other neighborhood associations, JAZZMI has devised an afternoon route to discover Chiaravalle, starting from Casa Chiaravalle, with the Connections Project, to the center of the neighborhood, ending with an evening of celebrations in Cascina Casottello, in Corvetto.

Connections Project is the collaboration between Yiğit Özatalay, Luca Rampinini, and Fabio Marconi, and is the bridge that connects Milan and Istanbul, the city of origin of the trio musicians. The project is linked to the album “Connections”, published in October 2012 for the label Enovisuoni Records. A musical journey that “connects” destinations and sounds that range between European urban culture, Mediterranean atmospheres, and echoes of the Orient.

Luca Rampinini | saxophone, Yiğit Özatalay | piano, Fabio Marconi | guitar

Event with free admittance subject to availability.