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Triennale Teatro dell'Arte

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

Attilio Zanchi Azul
The Azul trio joins together three great con- temporary jazz performers: Zanchi, Fausto Beccalossi and Oscar Del Barba. Their music, a jazz saturated by Cuban, Argentinean and Brazilian influences, creates a very personal style, featuring original pieces interspersed with Latin-American classics such as «Historia de un amor» by Carlos Almoran or «Rosa» and «Carinhoso« by Pixinguinha.

Attilio Zanchi
Attilio Zanchi was born in Milan and had Giorgio Gaslini as his teacher. In the 1980 he won a scholarship at the University of Fine Arts of Banff (Canada) and at the Creative Music Studio of Woodstock where he could improve study of contrabass together with Dave Holland, Karl Berger, George Lewis, Sam Rivers, Jimmy Giuffré, Ed Blackwell, Lee Konitz, Kenny Wheeler, Jack de Johnette and John Abercrombie. The next year, he was yet on stage at Woodstock Jazz Festival, together with Baikida Carrol, Julius Hemphill, Ed Blackwell, Nana Vasconcellos, Collin Wallcot, Dewey Redman and Howard Johnson and with the Woodstock Workshop Orchestra.

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