· 17:00


Triennale Teatro dell'Arte

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

Ferdinando Faraò & Artchipel Orchestra Play Soft Machine

The Artchipel Orchestra is a staff of great scenic and musical impact, born from an idea of the drummer, composer and conductor Ferdinando Faraò. In the autumn of 2012 the first cd of the orchestra was born, Never Odd or Even, with guest Phil Miller and cover notes by Jonathan Coe, which reads: “I always thought that the most radical and interesting aspect of that music was the non-observance of the lines of demarcation: it was experimental yet melodious, it captured the brain but also the body, it was complex but also affable and accessible … “.

From a repertoire of original songs, the band has moved on to arrangements of compositions written in the seventies, eighties and nineties. The second work by Artchipel, published in 2014, is totally dedicated to arrangements for big bands with songs written by Hugh Hopper and Robert Wyatt for Soft Machines.
The jazz critic Richard Williams, who reviewed the album, writes: “Faraò and Barbera do not propose carbon copies of the originals, but they create re-elaborations of the sound material that highlight the delightful facets of each piece they work on”.

The Artchipel Orchestra has been awarded “Best Italian Training of the Year” by the recent TOP JAZZ 2017 referendum organized by the specialized magazine Musica Jazz.

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