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Jazzmi’s first edition debuted last year as an ambitious challenge: to represent both the history and relevance of a complex and continuously evolving genre, by inviting its lead performers to a great new festival set around the city of milan. The challenge has been won by a large margin, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of audiences who filled theaters, clubs, concert halls, art galleries and every one of the many festival venues the satisfaction expressed by the institutions, by our sponsors, by the managing staff and the organizations which in various capacities contributed to our events, confirmed us that we were on the right path, as did the appreciation we received from the world-famous artists who took part in the festival and our journey has just begun: jazzmi intends to grow even further, widening its reach from the city center to the suburbs the second edition of jazzmi features a rich program, even more varied and eclectic than its first. it includes jazz icons and pioneers, undisputed legends and emerging artists, breakthrough acts and experimenters. jazzmi aims to acknowledge the significant changes happening on the dynamic jazz scene both initaly and around the world, its affinities and collisions with other genres and styles, its endless influences and ramifications. there will also be never-before- seen movies and documentaries, photo exhibitions, q&as and workshops with musicians, readings, laboratories, residencies and street parties. in jazzmi’s eyes, even the suburbs are central to the city. especially noteworthy this year is the presence of exciting
original productions, a target we had set ourselves to achieve as well as the engagement of children in variou play-based educational projects. jazzmi continues its cooperation with city venues that feature jazz all year round, creating a network of synergies that contribute to the realization of this 11 day-long jazz feast.

Artistic Direction
Luciano Linzi and Titti Santini
Produced by Triennale Teatro dell'Arte e Ponderosa Music & Art
in collaboration with Blue Note Milano
supported by Comune di Milano - Assessorato alla Cultura
Luca Vantusso | LKV Photo & Communications | freelance stage photographer

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