A carnet for touring the jazz world in a weekend filled by four unmissable concerts, all to be enjoyed into Triennale Milano Teatro, the festival heart theatre. Starting from New York City with the Mingus Big Band, wich celebrates Charles Minugus and opens the festival, we will then land in Italy, with Uomini in Frac, the ensemble directed by Peppe Servillo and Furio di Castri with their tribute to Domenico Modugno. Our tour continues in Scandinavia with the epic motifs of the Rymden "superband" to finally come back home with the Trovesi-Coscia Duo, that will rattle off the wonderful evergreens of the last century. Carnet Info: : info@jazzmi.it


Enjoy the second JAZZMI 2019 weekend in Triennale Milano Teatro with Kenny Barron, one of the best pianists in the world; Melanie de Biasio, elegant union between essential groove, delicate and private sounds and XXI century blues; Patrizio Fariselli, founder of the italian band AREA, who joins JAZZMI with a new project steeped in archaic sounds and ethnic tradition and Nik Bartsch's Ronin: one of the most original band in circulation, equidistant from jazz and funk. Carnet Info: : info@jazzmi.it